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KissOBoo Cinnamon by ScreamingO

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KissOBoo Cinnamon by ScreamingO

KissOBoo Cinnamon by ScreamingO

Kissable Lip Balms for Oral Enhancement.

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    KissOBoo Cinnamon by ScreamingO
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Kissable Lip Balms for Oral Enhancement.

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  • Edible, kissable and deliciously safe
  • Tingly lip balm tingles everywhere you kiss!
  • Rub on lips, nips and naughty bits

KissOboo tingly lip balm arouses the senses with a natural herbal extract blend that tingles with every kiss! KissOboo is edible, kissable and deliciously safe to use on the body’s most sensitive pleasure zones, so rub it on your lips, nips and naughty bits for an invigorating rush! Featuring a paraben-free, petroleum-free and phthalate-free formula, KissOboo is shoppers’ natural choice for oral enhancement!



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