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Non-shippable Countries

If you've been redirect to this page, please read below as to the reason.

We know that everyone in the world wants to own their very own Fleshlight products, but unfortunately, some countries do not allow Adult toys into them.

Why isn't my country available?

There are numerous reasons why we don't have your country available in our shipping settings.

  1. Your countries customs laws, state that Adult Toys and Novelties are illegal
  2. Some countries have very high fraud rates, which unfortunately makes it difficult to offer our products to those countries
  3. There are no carriers that can get our products to your country

Countries that are noted in our Countries we do NOT ship to list are there for one of the reasons above.

Please Note: You as the buyer are responsible to know your countries customs laws in regards to importing products.

What can you do to be able to order our products in the Future?

You could contact your countries officials and ask them to change the law. Masturbation is a part of every day life, and sex toys only assist in doing this. They are not offensive, they are just tools to help you and or your partner.

A single voice might not get far, but many will. Start a petition and contact physical adult toy stores in your country to help get it passed. It will benefit both you as the consumer and the store as well.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us

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